Special Workshop 2015 – STELLA, a dynamic modeling software

System modeling and its application to Hotel & Tourism Management

Dr. Kiboum Kim (Winston Salem State University, NC)

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A system is defined as a set of factors (variables) sustaining functional relationships over time. We are living in an environment where every social and natural phenomenon is functioning as a system (i.e., ecosystem, the solar system, the universe; family relationship, classroom learning, sales marketing, and hotel and tourism businesses). Each system affects behaviors of other systems which also influence the behavior of the system (feedback). Systems are never static, but it continuously evolves. We can intuitively describe functional relationships between factors in an independent system (laboratory situation). When we think about explaining more complex systems, however, a system approach is often required to fully illustrate and demonstrate the influence of change on selected factors. STELLA® is one of the software tools that allow you to develop, simulate, validate, and understand dynamics of systems of your interests. By attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of a systems approach to understand social phenomenon
  • Develop a simple dynamic modeling using STELLA® software.
  • Discuss potential applications of systems modeling techniques to your research and practical field.

You may start learning about the system modeling by accessing the following website http://www.iseesystems.com/. You may find valuable resources including free tutorial, example modeling, and demo version software (free for 30 days).

You may have some questions related to this workshop. Please do not hesitate to contact me at kimk@wssu.edu.