# Awards

Best Paper

The impact of smoke-free policies on casino gambling revenues

Kwangsoo Park & Brent Hill
North Dakota State University


Best Paper (2nd place)

An Exploratory Study of Pricing for Same Day Arrival Guests
MiRan Kim, Jeffrey A. Beck, & Raymond S. Schmidgall
Michigan State University


Best Paper (2nd place)

Benefits of Leisure Activities for Health and Life Satisfaction among Western Immigrants
Jungsu Ryu, Junhyoung Kim, Jinmoo Heo & Aruem Han
Texas A&M University & Central Michigan University



Best Paper – Undergraduate Student Research Forum

A Profile of Luxury Hotel Guests in Sustainable Green Services: A Posteriori Market Segment Approach
Eileen Roehrle & Chang Huh
Niagara University


Best Paper (2nd place) – Undergraduate Student Research Forum

An Investigation of Perceived Value on Authentic Attributes of Korean BBQ
Jeehun “James” Kim & Howook “Sean” Chang
Central Connecticut State University



# Photos

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